Are you looking to get the benefits of implants but want a more conservative solution? Our implant dentist can offer mini dental implants for patients who are looking for a less-invasive and lower-cost restoration.

Mini dental implants are often used to secure a denture and act as a middle ground for patients who want more stability than traditional dentures can give them but do not want to get full-sized dental implants. There are many possible benefits to mini implants, including:

  • Smaller size, which means that the cost can be lower than with regular dental implants, and the recovery time can be shorter.
  • In certain cases, the denture can be anchored on the same day the implants are placed.
  • Mini implants, like standard implants, can help prevent the loss of bone mass that can occur after teeth have been lost.

Mini implants can give your dentures stability and help them feel like your natural teeth. They can also be cleaned like natural teeth, with brushing twice a day and flossing once a day.